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"It's more than pictures. It's a transforming experience."

My name is Alyssa Chambers. All I know is I want to bring positivity and confidence building experiences to all women.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

It's 4-5 hours of your time and it starts with a 20-30 minute Empowerment Call where we can talk about your dream shoot. During the photoshoot, we'll dedicate some time for some simple, but elegant, poses for you to try.

Is Hair and Makeup Provided?

Yes, professional hair and make-up will be provided by a licensed professional specializing in vintage. Don't want hair and makeup? No problem the cost of the session and pricing is the same.

Do you provide clothes/costumes?

We have a Client Closet that is available for those who need it. I do encourage my Queens to come with their own gear, preferably a whole suitcase with at least a few options. We can discuss wardrobe and style before the shoot.

Why do you charge this price?

All of the furniture, props, hair and makeup, and sets are provided. This also ensures that we can continue to do what we love and provide you the best customer experience!

How can I prepare for my shoot?

Before you arrive several emails will be sent to you on what you'd need to bring.

How do I pose? Will you help?

The great thing about Miss. Joy is her wonderful ability to provide a safe space and will pose/ couch you down to yout finger tips.

What can I expect after the shoot?

After the shoot, you can wind down with a light massage chair. We call this "Quiet Time". You just sit there and nom on a free snack while we prepare some photos for you to review!

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